“Friends become wiser together through a healthy clash of viewpoints.”

Timothy Keller

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Happy easter bunny


Pug reading her favorite book by the “perfect puddle”


All i want in life is for Jaime and Brienne to run away together and spend the rest of their days practicing with swords and cuddling.

I’m just going to choose to think that you have psychic visions. This will happen one day.

Okay the weird thing is I have had dreams that weirdly come true - although they usually involve death :-X or sometimes dreaming of someone who I end up seeing or hearing from the next day.

04-16 / 8:44

Last night I had a dream there was a new GoT trailer, and in it you see a brief glimpse of Brienne looking sad and pensive… when suddenly a gold hand slides around her waist.

The knowledge that something like that would be years away - if at all - hit me hard upon waking.

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